Mama’s, breast, and babies.

Mama’s, breast, and babies.

Hey Diamonds! How many of us are mama’s? I’ll proudly raise my hand, mama of two. I want to let my Diamond mama’s know that we proudly support you wether your full time nursing, pumping, or you’re doing your best. You’re more than amazing!!

I’d love to share this video with you. Along with my laction nurse this video helped to jump start my happy nursing journey. 

I’d like to share my nursing journey, the short version I hope. Mama of two. Both C-sections. One early, the other on time. Both fully breastfeed, fifth-teen months each. My oldest child was a month early. He was healthy and well enough to stay in the room with me after delivery. The whole time I tried to nurse, I had a lactation nurse there. Things seemed ok. I did what I “learned” in the classes, but nothing gets you prepared for game time. We went home but things just seemed off. He was on but he wasn’t. Because he was early we were asked to come in for a check up the day after we got home.  His weight was a concern because he was so tiny. The Dr. thought he’d do well with formula. No. I was literally so scared but determined as hell. I pumped like a mad woman and  went into to see my lactation nurse for a one on one. I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed and modest, but I had to remember this is bigger than me. It was just me, her, and baby. She asked me to show her what I was doing at home. She actually took my breast and baby to attempt a latch. The problem with the latch is that his little mouth was too small. No problem, she gave me a nipple shield. It worked like magic. She said use the nipple shield for a while but practice the latch. We used the shield for a few days then I began to practice the latch. It was no less than two weeks and he was completely latched. What an accomplishment. I was proud of both of us. After that experience I was walking tall in our journey. Jeffrey was so tiny when I look back it scares me. I sat by the window for about four months straight just nursing and loving on him, which words of encouragement. It didn’t take long for him to get those little baby rolls. He may have taken a hand full of pumped milk with dad but he didn’t like it. He nursed fifth-teen months. I became pregnant with baby sister. That was more than a breeze. The milk was still fresh for lack of better words. After she was delivered via C-section she was brought into the room after recovery. The nurse layed her on my chest skin to skin. I will never forget how she nudged her way to latch and actually did it, another proud moment for mama. A win for the babies. She also never took a bottle. She nursed for fifth-ten months as well. She may have went longer but I mentally couldn’t continue, I would get some type of anxiety. I can’t truly explain it but we we’re definitely done. At that point with both children they we’re eating well balanced diets and nursing was for comfort.
I’d like to add that I nursed everywhere, places where I felt safe and baby would be comfortable. No one likes to eat with something covering their head and hot from being covered. But also be mindful of others. I would bring a muslin blanket, a very light and airy blanket/covering. I made it known that I’m a nursing mama and would need privacy in certain situations. My vehicle was a prime nursing/changing area, just because it was like being at home for the most part. Just be comfortable. When I had a challenge I always kept in mind that’s it’s bigger than me. 

Thank you for reading my short story/experience with nursing. 

A few more things. Hope you don’t mind..

-You're not a burden because you nurse.

-Ask for help.

-Take as much time as you need.

-You're breast are beautiful.

-Not everyone’s situation is the same while nursing.

-Nursing is not a competition.

-Nursing is nothing to be shameful about.

-There are so many benefits to nursing.

-Join breastfeeding support groups.

-Go to that quiet place get comfortable.

-Drink lots of water.

-Put your feet up and relax.

-With the proper latch, trust your baby is getting enough milk, they are milk machines. The pump doesn’t come close. 

-Talk to the lactation nurse, she can help to guide you in your journey.

Ps.. This is to help mama’s that are thinking about nursing or are facing some nursing challenges. Mamas know what’s best for their babies. We are the keepers of life. Most things come very naturally and some things we could use some inspiration with :) 


Best and brightest wishes for you all!!